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Help your clients get the financing they need.
Generate incremental revenue.

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Our Sales Support team is here to assist you through Platinum Island Funding line of credit funding process.

Why join our ISO Program?

  • We empower you to sell from start to finish
  • Offer a flexible, revolving credit solution that clients actually want
  • 70%+ approval rate on qualified leads
Equity Investors, Business Brokers, Business Bankers, Mid-Market

Refer your unqualified or declined deal-flow to us for invoice financing up to $5 million & lines of credit up to $500,000.

Why join our Referral Program?

  • Help businesses that don’t fit your criteria
  • Fast & simple – make an email introduction
  • We handle the process from start to finish
  • Generate compelling residual commissions
Online Business Services, E-Commerce, And Accounting Software

You’re already serving Small Businesses customers. Helping them get the financing they need to grow is game-changing. With Platinum Island Funding toolkit, incorporating the benefits of financing into your platform has never been easier.

Platinum Island Funding partners with banks to deliver fast, simple, 100% online Invoice Factoring for small and mid-size businesses. We help you deliver incremental working capital to your clients, without interrupting the client relationship, all within an intuitive online interface.

Why Partner with Platinum Island Funding?

  • Give your clients access to large working capital lines through Platinum Island Funding in a simple, online interface
  • Own the client relationship, while generating incremental fee income for your financial institution
  • Expand your digital offering for B2B customers
Accountants, Bookkeepers, Advisory Firms

You provide critical advice to small businesses owners. But when it comes to financing options, things can get tricky. Luckily Platinum Island Funding is here to help. Introducing your clients to Platinum Island Funding means giving them better options for financing their everyday business expenses and growth.

Why Partner with Platinum Island Funding?

  • Help your clients get the financing they need
  • We’re fast, flexible & focused solely on helping small business owners suceed
  • Earn lucrative referral fees, or discounts for your customers on our financing offers
  • Our funding managers are friendly and ready to help your clients explore their options with Platinum Island Funding

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